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ADME  project indirectly financed by the European Union through the Horizont 2020 research and innovation program (Grant Agreement no. 872570)




Critical to the selection of material requirements for additive manufacturing (AM) is the need for the right materials. The material requirements for AM include the ability to produce the raw material in a manner commensurate with AM's specific technology.

The main limitation of the AM process is the uncertainty about the manufacturing conditions, the selection of materials, the properties of the components related to the applied machines and the costs. Since there is a wide range of processes, materials and machines on the market, getting the optimal configuration for the customer's specific part is often a challenge.




  • The base component of additive manufacturing can be constituted by the mixture of several. 
  • The materials to be used are ground independently and dust is generated.
  • The powder of these materials are mixed in a proportion.
  • This resulting mixture solidifies and filament is generated that will serve to feed the additive manufacturing machine.


Additive manufacturing is a technology that respects the environment making use of the circular economy and recycling, so that sometimes the materials used are recycled, varying the properties compared to the new ones.

Knowing what materials, the state of the materials, the relationship and the mixture, are the main unknowns to achieve a piece with a series of specific physical properties.

..To facilitate this process, ADME arises , a DDS with a criteria optimization system based on support vector machine (SVM) , which provides an estimate of the manufacturing conditions of AM technologies, considering new materials and of waste.

The system consists of a database, which includes data on the materials and machines available. 



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