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Cardinal International


Surgical instrument manufacturing company.




Cardinal International was established in 1990 with the goal of protecting and promoting the art of surgical instrument manufacturing and helping to solve the problems of the surgical instrument manufacturer community.

Cardinal International has 150 member companies and more than 500 workers are largely dedicated to the manufacture of surgical instruments to meet export commitments in the international market.

The value of exports of surgical instruments for the fiscal year 2011-2012 is US $ 50 million.

Cardinal International History

Cardinal International has a history of more than 24 years, when some British doctors got their surgical instruments repaired by skilled Sialkot workers and that was the foundation of the Sialkot Surgical Industry.

Cardinal International's competitive advantages

  • Economy. Our surgical instruments are the cheapest in the world, along with the unconditional guarantee of the best quality.
  • Delivery term. Shortest delivery time in the world. Large orders are executed within a specified time period.
  • Variety of products. Sialkot manufactures more than ten thousand different medical instruments that cover all sections of surgery and the basics.
  • Trust. World renowned surgical instrument companies are entering into joint ventures with Pakistani companies, reflecting multinationals' confidence in the ability of Pakistan's surgical manufacturers.
  • Clinical trials. The Surgical Association, in collaboration with TDAP, has been successfully managing the Sialkot Materials Testing Laboratory for the past seven years. The Laboratory provides state-of-the-art materials testing facilities to surgical product manufacturers and exporters and successfully and satisfactorily meets the industry's requirements for materials and quality.
  • Innovation and customized products. The current global market for medical products is estimated at US $ 30 billion. and it is gradually growing, taking into account the constant advances and innovations in this sector, it is possible to approach personalized product manufacturing.



Cardinal International Sectors

Cardinal International's industry represents the manufacturers and exporters of the following instruments.

  • Laparoscopic instruments
  • Manual surgical instruments
  • Dental instruments
  • Ophthalmic instruments

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