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The distancing between people is a tool that reduces the virus's transmission capacity.

Governments and organizations recommend keeping a safe distance between people.

To maintain this distance, it is possible to use two methods:

  • Manual checking through an observer
  • Auto Check.

SMASP offers the realization of the distance between people, using the following technologies.

  • For outdoors. Through the use of photogrammetry and UWB.
  • For interiors. Through the use of UWB.


Photogrammetry consists of generating a 3D photograph through different 2D photographs of different isometric points.


Several cameras in different arrangements pointing towards a target, allow to achieve a 3d image through mathematical algorithms.

Once 3D photography is achieved, it is possible to apply AI algorithms to check the distance between people.


UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology began to develop in 1950 and has not been developed since 1990. Currently it is considered a leading technology, due to its applicability and because it is characterized by having a low consumption, cheap devices and achieving high productivity.



The equipment: UWB detectors and RFID tag.

  • UWB detectors strategically distributed to cover the entire area
  • An RFID tag is a very low-cost sensor that can be used as a sticker, bracelet or similar (similar to the chips of certain sports events).

This technology consists of detecting the distance between these RFID sensors by means of the round trip time of the signal that the UWB device emits to the RFID tag.


With these two technologies it is possible to cover indoor and outdoor events and therefore allows you to continue with your activity without further worries.


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