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Miss the train


miss the train


Life from a biological perspective

it is the ability to be born, grow, develop, procreate, evolve and die.

From the moment we are born until we die, we go through experiences that will form our way of being, our personality.

Each experience has a starting point, a development period, and an end point.




We seek experiences, either in a conscious way or through our actions.

Time offers us a wide range of opportunities.

Having the ability to choose which ones are the best for us.

Our desire is to enjoy a life of full development and we must seek and prepare for these situations.

Sometimes they are easily affordable, but at other times they are more complicated.



There are "detractors" that keep us away and distract us from our goal.

  • The fake watch. Imagine a train station with a clock showing the wrong time. Many travelers will look at the clock, become confident, and miss the train.



The same thing happens in life. We expect an upcoming event, we prepare and when we are going to apply to this event, there is no time. We have missed an opportunity that could have changed our life.

  • The preparation. Everything costs, nothing is free. To carry out an activity it is necessary to have prior knowledge.



Sometimes acquired previously or in other occasions it is necessary to acquire them. Without this knowledge, we will not be able to take advantage of the event and we will not take advantage of it.

  • Superman Every person has his ego and must empower it; But when life becomes self-centered, it sometimes happens that one feels Superman, that he can do everything without accomplishing anything, and sometimes it is not true, it is necessary to prepare.


There are several factors that are affecting us right now: fall and transformation.

  • Fall. We have spent a summer with long days, squeezing the day, resting and watching the Sun.

It is coming to an end, and it is possible to begin to see the withered leaves of the trees, which are beginning to fall. The days begin to be shorter and the heat recedes, leaving the entrance to the cold. From seeing things clear during the summer, we begin to see them dark. Our future, uncertainty.

  • The transformation. I think at this point, no one is surprised if it is said that the model is changing.

Technology has gone from an auxiliary to a fundamental tool. The jobs that can be automated are going to disappear and relationships are turned from physical to remote.

COVID, a virus of medium lethality and infection, has revolutionized the world. It has attacked where it hurts the most, in business.

And it has generated such a revolution that it has acted as a super catalyst for transformation.


It is very likely that what you were doing previously was no longer demanded or you do it in another way.


Faced with all these changes, it is necessary that we prepare for this great event, which can change our lives and our way of acting.



For this, my recipe is simple: preparation and collaboration.

  • Preparation in new technologies, in new methods, in procedures.
  • Collaboration. It takes the participation of many to achieve a goal.


This translates that they will exist 

  • Very large companies that have many workers and that with their resources can tackle large projects
  • People, companies begin to establish good collaborative relationships. (Work complementary to achieve a goal). I say the good, because it is not the same to collaborate that is to row all in the same direction and with a common interest, than to hire that is a type of collaboration where economic interest prevails


In this line of work is SMASP,


SMASP is a collaborative network of people and companies for the development of projects and products using the WMI methodology

  • Good collaboration, because it allows you to develop professionally in multidisciplinary and innovative projects, participating in the benefits generated by your work.
  • WMI is the acronym for
    • (Agile Workforce / Dynamic Teams) . Selection of people and creation of a specific team for your project. Quality assures you
    • (Management Near / Leadership near) . A person close to you to transmit your philosophy to the project and inform you of its progress. We transfer your philosophy to the project.
    • (Investment on your work / Inversión en tu trabajo) . Your work, your hours are invested in the project to participate in the benefits generated by the project. 

SMASP is looking for people and companies to grow this collaborative network .

To develop larger, higher quality projects, facilitating companies to undertake new projects and grow personally and professionally in this "anomalous" stage that we are living.


We have been experiencing the transformation of the business model towards a new one for several years, caused by technology.

If you want to continue growing and not be relegated to this change

Get in touch with us, if you want to collaborate or receive more information in this link


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