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A method to control COVID, needs your help




BREATHOMIC-IA is a project that arises from SMASP to detect diseases through the breathing air.

It will be carried out in two phases:

  • A first with the aim of identifying COVID19, instantly and without contact
  • And a second phase, generalizing it to any disease.


Scent virus


When we are sick, the pathogenic element can cause damage to our body (the disease) and to our surroundings (through contagion).


It is for this reason that we have defined two types of applications or clients:

  • The sanitary, to identify the disease in the body
  • Facilities with a large influx, to identify sources of contagion of the disease.


The basic operation is the same in one as in the other, but the elements to apply it in each case are very different.




For the development of the BREATHOMIC-IA project, the development of many technical and non-technical disciplines is necessary.

Artificial intelligence, programming, sensor development, mechanical design, installations are disciplines necessary for the project.

But for the project to work, a medical base is necessary to support and validate the project.

A medical base that supports and makes the project possible.

artificial intelligence

Marketing, financing, commercial, management are non-technical disciplines, but without them the project does not work.

The best project in the world if nobody knows about it, it becomes the worst project in the world.



From a technical point of view, the objective of the project is to 

Detect and measure a series of volatile compounds, which are found in a very low proportion, generated by the body as a consequence of the attack of a pathogenic element.


To achieve this, it is necessary to solve two problems:

  • Detect these compounds in very low concentrations (endogenous)
  • Identify a disease through the combination of these endogenous compounds.

The first point is made through the development of sensors and the second through artificial intelligence.




We are surrounded by sensors, but not all sensors are good for everything.

The selection of a sensor is related to the sensitivity and what you want to measure.

In the project, the sensitivity must be very high, since it is necessary to measure in concentrations of the order of Ppb and the elements to be measured are usually very specific, so the complexity of the sensor can be high. 




If you are a person or company that knows the field of sensor development and you want to participate in the project, participating in the benefits it may generate, please contact me through the email  or through this form to that we can contact.


The way to participate in the project is similar to that of an investment in the stock market.

Your investment will be made through the development you carry out in the project, receiving, once the project generates benefits, your benefits.

It is a project that will generate economic and social benefits, helping to solve a problem that affects us all.


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