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SMASP is a new business model in which the company wins and the worker wins.

  • W - Workforce Agile. Creation of a specific team for the project. The best specialists for your project are sought, selected and hired. We assure the quality
  • M - Management Near. A project manager close to you. In order that your project reflects your philosophy and values
  • I - Investment. We invest in your project. Don't worry about development costs, they are free. We invest in your project, so that when it generates benefits, we will participate in them. When you win, I win.

We have the security that the only way to grow healthy and nimbly one company is that its engine, workers are satisfied to work for the company and can enjoy a full personal life.

To achieve this, we apply our WMI (Workforce Agile + Management Near + Invest) methodology to the company and the person. Achieving a perfect fit of interests and full development.

  • By applying the formula to the company, the company will be able to grow and develop quickly.
  • Applying the formula to the worker , the worker will be satisfied with his job, with the company, with the team and with his remuneration and therefore motivation.



Related to business 

  • The management of the team, which will lead your project to success
  • The best development team for your Project
  • We finance your project, investing our resources in it

Project management that leads your project to success.

The representation of the client in the development team, representing your interests, achieving your satisfaction.


The right equipment for your project.

Searching and fitting the pieces of the puzzle that constitutes your project.


Investment in your project

We do not want your money, we want to share with you the satisfaction of the success of your project, investing in it.


Related to people 

  • Bringing out the best in you
  •  An opportunity for career development
  • A remuneration that generates motivation

Bring out the best in yourself

A leader who makes the whole team row in the same direction towards your goal.


A remuneration that generates motivation

There is nothing more motivating than your work in addition to generating benefits for others to you.


Opportunity for professional development

An interesting project, with an exceptional team, an opportunity for professional development


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