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The relevance of the project has the following aspects:

  • Medical.

A methodology that makes it possible to detect the combination of volatile compounds of a disease and subsequently develop a specific medical device, is a great medical advance, since it allows COVID19 to be detected in “real time” mode, being able to apply safety and curative measures in the first phase of the disease, when the patient has a low viral load. The project could easily be generalized to current and future diseases.

  • Economical.

The measures that have been taken of confinement have economically paralyzed the whole world. It is not possible to take alternative measures if the different sources of contagion are not known in real time. With the project "The aroma of COVID", if possible, taking the appropriate security measures, allowing the rest of the population a "normal" activity.

  • Social.

An important factor in “real” social relationships is based on the approximation of people. With the appearance of COVID19, "fear of the near" has been generated, as we do not know if the person in front of us is infected or not. The project “The aroma of COVID” by treating in a massive way and in real time, allows us to identify in real time, whether a person is sick with COVID19 or not.

  • Development.

From a business point of view (SMASP and Arrowfast) it will allow them to develop a new business model based on odor medicine. The University and Hospitals will allow them to be at the "top" of innovation, with new knowledge to train their staff.


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