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The evolution of COVID19 worldwide is known, with an average R0 of 5.5 beginning its escalation in mid-March, it is at this time that governments realize its importance.




Failure to act quickly and accurately has caused the curve to grow steadily.

The availability of a technology that would have allowed identifying the foci of infection would have drastically changed the subsequent results.

The project "The aroma of COVID" is a methodology that will allow us to identify any present and future disease in the initial moments.

The project will allow to deal in a faster, safer and cheaper way, the Medical Emergencies of Hospitals and Health Centers.

The impact on Health Budgets can be another factor to consider.

Due to a low operational cost close to zero, it will allow its massive application to the population and reduce the severity of diseases, as they are treated at the initial moments of the disease.

Exploitation and dissemination results


Once the "footprint" of the COVID19 has been determined, the development of a medical device with the sensors and the appropriate electronics for its detection is possible.

Arrowfast, a company dedicated to promoting the development and certification of medical devices, will participate in the development and subsequent certification of a functional prototype.

Once the prototype has been validated in Hospitals and health centers, the commercial device will be proceeded through Arrowfast for its launch on the SMASP market, it will be responsible for its global marketing of the medical device.

The project "The taste of COVID19" consists of a methodology that can be applied to any disease, which is why it will allow the development of specific devices for present and future diseases.

And incorporating a large array of sensors, it would allow a device to detect a large number of diseases.

At the level of future sales forecasts.



Sales forecast (K €)


COVID19 footprint detection



Development, certification and homologation functional prototype



Development, certification and homologation medical devices



Development, certification and homologation medical devices multiple diseases



Development of new functionalities and commercialization




  • Generation of "technical documents" in scientific publications specialized in medicine, through the La Paz Hospital and the University of Groningen.
  • Generation of informative videos "Methodology for the identification of diseases through odor"
  • Conferences and master classes at the Autonomous University of Madrid, to expand knowledge to students

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