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Two types of clients have been detected:

  • Health sector
  • Facilities with a large influx of people.

To ensure maximum satisfaction for each client and that people can continue with their activity safely and without discomfort, two variants of the product will be made. 

Health sector.

Target: Detect the disease

How? : Device that analyzes your breathing without having to perform any type of action.

Just wait a few seconds and it will tell you your status.


You can know your health status quickly, safely and without discomfort

Large influx facilities.

Target: Detect sources of contagion

How? : Corridors through which people pass, in which the components of your breathing are analyzed.

If the system detects or measures components of your breathing that are biomarkers of a contagious disease, it sounds the alarm.



The diisease is prevented from spreading and activity from stalling. 


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