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Monitored vertical farming seems to be the future of agriculture because of its production capacity and reduction of land and water use.

Automating farmscraper to achieve individual plant tracking and personalised treatment for optimal growth and reducing human resources for non-strategic tasks.

Using the monitoring and movement of the pots to make them accessible to a harvesting robot.



The main perfomances that make GREENPOWER unique are as follows:

  • Variation of the height of the large production layers, most of them are either fixed, or are varied manually or if they have automatic variation, they are small.
  • Movement of potted plants within the production layer without the need to have a separation between large layers, decreasing the production,
  • Individual monitoring of each plant, without the need for the use of individual sensors housed in each pot, reducing costs and improving the growth of each plant.
  • Application of artificial intelligence for the recognition of the state of the plants.
  • Use of a standard robot, located on the lower floor, with a tool holder at its end, where the tools for sowing, fertilising, harvesting, movement of the pots and the sensors necessary for the individual monitoring of each plant will be located. Integral automatic management of the vertical greenhouse, with a great reduction in the use of human resources for non-strategic work.



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