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GREENPOWER is a project that needs to be adapted to each specific installation.

SMASP carries out the development of GREENPOWER customised for each client.

The business model used by SMASP is W2W (when you win, I win), applicable to GREENPOWER, it is based on the investment with the cost of development hours, in the customised project for the client.

In such a way that when the client generates income or cost reduction due to GREENPOWER, part of it will be received by SMASP as a return on investment.



Buyer Client

GREENPOWER's customer is an agricultural company or a person who operates a crop field.

The ideal customer should have the following qualities:

  • He wants to make his farm profitable.
  • Manage the farm autonomously, efficiently and comprehensively.
  • Likes innovation and technological novelties.
  • Concerned about environmental issues.

Status Development

At the moment GREENPOWER has developed a MVP (DM).

In the MVP, the feasibility of the project has been proven.

The project has been published, receiving questions about the state of development and expressions of interest in GREENPOWER.

Next challenges

  • The first challenge I need to address now is the development of a pilot project.
  • For this I need to obtain financial resources and gain the trust and support of customers.
  • The next challenge is the dissemination of the project, to generate trust and interest.
  • The next step would be to obtain a marketable solution, for which I would need financial resources and to establish a network of potential customers for the project.
  • This would lead to the growth phase, where I would need to carry out marketing actions and dissemination of results.
  • And finally, it would enter again in a phase of development of new functionalities to obtain the best product.

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