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Learn languages with fun

In order to improve people's lives, I offer you a free service, with which you will speak to foreign people, half the time in your language and the other half in their language. In this way, both of you will win.




It's easy to realize this situation

  • Adults have problems with learning another language
  • Children quickly learn another language

What's the difference? Children learn it by playing and adults by studying.

Anyone with multiple language skills will tell you that the only way to learn languages is to need and speak.
Seeing how my daughter learns English, I have realized that in addition to a solid base of grammar, what they do is speak English by playing and using it in a natural way.
This can be applied to adults. To achieve this we have different alternatives:

  • Study in a language school.
  • Hire a native speaker to speak to you.
  • Going abroad
  • Or the method I propose to you


The method that I propose I will explain with an example.

One person in China is studying Spanish. 
A Spanish person is studying Chinese.
What would happen if those two people got in touch and half the time they were speaking in Spanish and the other half in Chinese? 
That they would both learn.

And I'm sure they've both taken an interest in the other person learning, because she wants to learn.
This is the method I propose.


In this link you will be directed to a page, where you will be asked a series of data to find a person with whom you have more facilities to speak (a similar age range) and that match the mother tongue and the language you want to learn.

The more people in the database, the easier it will be to find a person who fits the most.

Once I have found the right people, I will send you a message individually so that you can accept it. Once I have accepted I will send you the contact details and ..
All that's left is to get in touch and learn.


Cheer up and learn by having fun.