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For a project to develop correctly it is necessary.

  • Take the right direction, through a management or leadership team
  • That the project and the development team have all the necessary tools to achieve a good operation through a management team.
  • That the project be developed by specialists from each discipline.



For this reason, the SMASP project has a team

  • Leadership, made up of directors and advisers.
  • Management constituted by collaborators in areas of marketing, administrative, financial, ..., with the aim that the project and the team have all the resources available for its correct operation
  • Technical development, with the best professionals for projects, to obtain the highest quality, understand the needs and generate the best response.

 This entire team is SMASP and is represented by its founder and CEO. 


Founder and CEO 

Alberto José Arenillas

It is not enough to have technical knowledge, it is necessary to know how to apply them, in order to achieve the technical and strategic objectives of the company and the client.

Alberto Arenillas


  • He was born in 1968 in Madrid, Spain.
  • Graduated from the Polytechnic University of Madrid in Aeronautical Engineering.
  • Master in MBA in Digital Business Management from IEBS Business School and Juan Carlos I University.
  • Master's degree in Entrepreneurship from the GADE business school
  • Master in Leadership from the GADE business school
  • Specialization in Strategic Management from the CENTRUM Virtual University


  • He started in 1994 with MEDIS engineering where he acted in Technical Management.
  • In 1997 he entered Alcalá Industrial exercising the position of head of the Technical Office.
  • In 2001, he was hired by the company Forter Whealer, acting as head of Design Engineering.
  • In 2002 he was hired by the IDOM company performing the functions of Business Development and Design Manager.
  • In 2018 he created the SMASP company acting as Director.

He has worked in the Automotive, Robotics, Medicine, Energy and Innovation sectors.

During the last 15 years, his career has been closely linked to the theme of Innovation, New Product Development and Markets.



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